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Wizz Air to boost fleet

Hard on the heels of the recently publicized $1.76 million order of regional budget carrier SkyEurope, archrival Wizz Air has now announced the largest aircraft purchase in Central Eastern Europe worth a total of Euro 2 billion, Népszabadság reported. The airline is planning to buy 24 Airbuses, boosting its the number of its fleet to over that of national carrier Malév Rt in five years.

A recent market survey by the German office of management consultant McKinsey & Company predicted that the low-cost sector will account for 20% of air traffic in 2007 (up on 7% in 2001 and 16% in 2004), and that a dividing line will gradually develop between successful big companies and doomed small ones, a trend also foretold by the fact that major players Ryanair, easyJet and AirBerlin have standing orders for 300 passenger aircraft in total.

(BBJ 11.vii.05)

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