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BBC to open radio station in Warsaw, possibly before year end

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) wants to open a news/information radio station in Warsaw.

The BBC will probably be the first radio station in Poland 100% owned by foreign capital. The British giant can enter the Polish market following changes in the law after Poland's accession to the EU, which granted EU companies the right to enter the market without any capital limits.

On May 13, the BBC submitted an application for a license to the National Radio and Television Council (KRRiTV). Although the KRRiTV has nine months to make a decision, the BBC will probably receive the license earlier since it is the only company applying for a frequency. Since the broadcaster will receive permission to broadcast 12 hour slots i.e. noon until midnight, it probably will not change the situation on the market dramatically.

"I see it realistically and I do not think that we will be the first or second player [on the market]. It will be good if we will win 5-7% of the audience," stated Marek Cajzner, the head of BBC Polska, while Leszek Jarosz, the head of the BBC newsroom in Warsaw declared, "The radio is to be financed from the budget of the BBC World Service."

(WBJ 10.vi.05)

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