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Will OMX become WSE's strategic partner?

OMX, a Scandinavian company that operates the largest integrated securities market in Northern Europe, is considering becoming a strategic partner of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) in its privatization process.

"The Warsaw bourse needs a large partner," said Magnus Boecker, president and CEO of OMX. The Scandinavian company is currently taking a close look at the WSE privatization process. "Should the privatization really take place, the Polish capital market will need a strategic partner. Will this be OMX? We will be happy to check whether such a role is suitable for us," added Boecker, explaining that it is not a good time to talk about details. "We are engaged in general talks with some companies, which I believe is natural, but these are not detailed talks," said Boecker. One of the most frequently mentioned privatization concepts says that the WSE should have a minority foreign partner and that a block of shares would be owned by the state Treasury.

(WBJ 16.v.05)

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