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Poland's answer to delays to the EU Services Directive

Yesterday, European Affairs Minister Jaroslaw Pietras, announced that Poland is preparing a campaign which aims at defending the concept of freeing the flow of services between EU member states.

In the first phase, the government will prepare an analysis of benefits resulting from opening the EU services market. Following that, officials will organize a conference with key authorities in this field. It is also planned that Poland will push for the creation of a coalition of countries and organizations supporting the idea of annulling barriers to services. "Opening the market is desired by French and German entrepreneurs," said Pietras. The European Commission currently has a different stance on the issue and plans to significantly slow the flow of services, despite the fact that EU Commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso recently supported the stance of Poland on this issue. Pietras also announced that the government has accepted the compromise over the EU budget under the condition that the country does not lose money in three key areas.

(WBJ 15.iv.05)

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