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Vivendi's security guards at PTC back down

The PTC management board supported by Elektrim and Deutsche Telekom (DT) finally managed to enter the office of the Era mobile operator on Friday afternoon.

"The security guards that until now supported the management chosen by Elektrim Telekomunikacja (ET) and Vivendi changed sides," said Tomasz Dabrowski, a lawyer with Kancelaria Salans that represents ET and Vivendi. He also added that "Members of the management supported by DT entered the office with the consent of the Falck agency, which also changed sides." Earlier on Friday ET organized a press conference, during which it revealed a letter it sent to the Ministry of Justice. In the letter ET asked the Ministry to protect the company's interests and question the ruling of the Warsaw District Court, confirming the verdict of the Vienna Court of Arbitration, as illegal.

(WBJ 07.iii.05)

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