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Supreme Court Decides to proceed with the case of Bulgaria's Third GSM License

The Supreme Administrative Court has decided to proceeded with the case of Bulgaria's third GSM licence after its three-member panel combined all complains filed against the issuing of the licence without a tender.

The issuing of Bulgaria's third GSM licence has been challenged by the Prosecutor's office, Bulgaria's first and second GSM operators MobilTel and Globul and Tafeta. According to a lawyer for Bulgarian Telecommunications Company, which was awarded the licence, the court proceedings could last for over a year, which will delay the company's investments in its GSM network.

The next hearing of the case has not yet been scheduled. The state communications watchdog awarded Bulgaria's third GSM license to the former state-owned telecoms company on June 7 in return for a fee of just over 54 million levs.

Bulgaria has officially finalised the sale of a 65% stake in BTC to Vienna-registered Viva Ventures GmbH, which paid 280 million euros.

(NewsBase 23.ix.04)

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