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UkrTransNafta and PERN Przyjazn plan Pipeline to bring Caspian Oil from Ukraine to Poland

Ukraine's UkrTransNafta and Poland's PERN Przyjazn have planes to build an oil pipeline stretching 560 kilometres to bring Caspian oil from Ukraine to Poland, daily Rzeczpospolita reported on September 17.

The companies are hoping and to finance the investment, at least inpart, from major oil companies.

The joint-venture company called Sarmatia has been formed and will prepare a business plan within six months, the daily said.

Cezary Lewandowski of PERN said that Chevron Texaco and Kazakhstani company KazMunaiGaz had shown interest.

Construction of the pipeline could start in 2006 and would last for 2-3 years.

The European Commission has already agreed to give two million euros for background studies of the project.

(NewsBase 20.ix.04)

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