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Companies Lose Out on EU Grants Due to Bungling Government Bureaucracy

The Ministry of Economy and Labor has rejected 70% of the applications for EU subsidies for projects submitted by businesses to help increase their competitiveness.

Around 500 out of the 750 applicant companies have lost the chance to receive subsidies because the ministry failed to inform them precisely to include original documents from the tax offices, the Social Insurance Administration (ZUS) and the registration court along with their applications.

Companies blame the ministry since it did not include this information in the instructions which accompanied the application forms. Elzbieta Paradowska from the ministry admitted that this information was indeed lacking, but added that it included the reference to the laws which contained the requirement to present the original documents.

According to Rzeczpospolita, only 250 of the applications were accepted.

The next opportunity for companies to apply to such grants is March 2005.

(WBJ 03.ix.04)

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