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Premier Pushes for All-party Meeting to Solve PZU-Eureko Conflict

Prime Minister Marek Belka invited politicians from all parties represented in Parliament to discuss possible solutions to the Treasury's conflict with pan-European insurance group Eureko over the privatization of Poland's largest insurer PZU.

The government will be represented by Belka, Treasury Minister Jacek Socha and head of the PM's Chancellery Slawomir Cytrycki.

Civic Platform (PO) politicians are skeptical of the idea and are complaining that Belka would not reveal in advance what sort of solutions he considers possible.

Meanwhile, Self-Defense and the Polish Families League (LPR) want to use the opportunity to ask Belka "some tough questions" about privatization of PZU and about his current relations with Bank Millennium, which acquired a stake in PZU together with Eureko and in which Belka used to be the head of the supervisory board.

Politicians are generally not keen on looking for a settlement with Eureko, claiming that the Treasury will have the upper hand in the arbitration proceedings against Eureko.

(WBJ 27.viii.04)

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