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Slovenia's Election Campaign: Pre-Election Bonanza

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia – With less than a month and a half to go before a general election, Slovenia finds itself in the middle of a heated campaign, despite the August holiday season. The parties are completing their candidate lists and putting in place the last elements of their campaign strategies.

The stakes are high at the 3 October parliamentary elections: the ruling Liberal Democrats (LDS) could well be swept out of office and replaced by a center-right government.

The LDS has been in power for most of the country’s history since independence in 1991.

The current Slovenian president, Janez Drnovsek, headed three LDS-led government coalitions before handing the premiership to Finance Minister Anton Rop in 2002.

The LDS was shut out of power for half a year in 2000, when a no-confidence motion against the Drnovsek government succeeded. A right-wing coalition of Social Democrats (SDS), now renamed the Slovene Democratic Party, New Slovenia (Nsi), and the Slovene People’s Party (SLS) took over but was routed in the October 2000 elections. The LDS returned to power with a triumphal 36.26 percent of votes, the highest share of votes a political party had gained since Slovenia’s independence.

(TOL 19.viii.04)

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