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Sejm Commission is stonewalled over Investigation of Ex-PKN Orlen Boss

The special Sejm commission appointed to investigate irregularities at PKN Orlen, including the dismissal of former president Andrzej Modrzejewski with the use of special forces, is having trouble researching the case because Orlen is unwilling to provide many of the requested documents.

The company claims it is not a public institution, but a private company with only partial state ownership and as such it cannot be asked to provide its audits, Global Depository Receipts (GDR) contract with the Bank of New York and the list of companies with which it was participating.

However, the rumored approval of former president Zbigniew Wróbel at a secret midnight meeting of the President, Prime Minister and Poland's richest man, Jan Kulczyk, is rather atypical for a private company.

So far, the Sejm commission has failed to receive any of the requested documents, either from Orlen, or from the President's Chancellery. The Polish Families League (LPR) filed a report with the prosecutor' s office regarding the latter case.

(WBJ 20.viii.04)

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