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Warsaw-Wilanow Corruption Scandal May Have Incorporated Money Laundering

Rzeczpospolita discovered that Wojciech Witecki, the former deputy mayor of Warsaw-Wilanow, received a $30,000 bribe in return for helping Turkish company Deinz win a tender to build the seat of the local government.

The money appears to have been transferred to Witecki's bank account in August 1999.

In 2000 Deniz and the Wilanow local government created a joint company that was to build the seat, but construction works were halted as the scandal broke.

What's more, in October 2002 Witecki signed an agreement in which he gave Deniz over two hectares of land located in the most attractive part of Wilanow for free.

As if this was not enough, the prosecutor is now following leads that the affair also involved money laundering.

Witecki was officially paid for "construction consulting", but he played a key role in building the facility as a deputy mayor until 2002 and later when he was elected mayor.

The prosecutor is now waiting for the translation of legal documents concerning accounts in tax havens that would prove the bribery accusations.

(WBJ 09.viii.04)

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