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Deputy Minister Resigns as Belka Begins to Break Promises to Business

According to Rzeczpospolita, Marek Belka's government is abandoning its promises to introduce various business friendly solutions and instead is turning to regulations which will make conducting business more difficult.

Finance Minister Andrzej Raczko tried to block the bill on the Freedom of Economic Activity, which gave entrepreneurs the right to ask the tax offices for a binding interpretation of tax regulations.

Rzeczpospolita claims that it is very probable that social insurance contributions for the self-employed will be significantly increased even though Economy Minister Jerzy Hausner opposes it.

Moreover, the business friendly amendments to construction legislation met with the opposition of the Infrastructure Ministry, which considers them unnecessary.

What is more, Malgorzata Okonska-Zaremba, a Deputy Economy Minister, who worked on the various bills related to commercial activity is to file her resignation next week.

(WBJ 02.vii.04)

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