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Belka Wins Parliamentary Vote of Confidence

Prime Minister Marek Belka finally won the Parliamentary vote of confidence he needed in order for his government to rule.

The outcome of the vote was 236 votes for 215 against with one abstention, which was pretty close to what pundits had predicted. Just like in the previous confidence vote, the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD), the Labor Union (UP) and the majority of independent deputies supported Belka's government.

As expected, right-wing parties such as the Civic Platform (PO), Law and Justice (PiS), Polish Family League (LPR), Polish Peasants Party (PSL) and Self-Defense were against Belka.

In the debate prior to the vote, Jaroslaw Kaczynski (PiS) addressed Sejm deputies and denounced Belka's government as continuation of post communism, while PO's Zyta Gilowska said that Belka's success was a continuation of Miller's success.

The government only won thanks to the votes of the Federated Parliamentary Club (FKP) and Polish Social Democracy (SDPL), whose deputies agreed to back Belka after last day negotiations.

Before the vote took place, Belka presented his new plan, which differed from the previous one only in terms of the concessions he made in order to secure the SDPL's support. He promised to build a fair state and ensure a citizen-friendly foreign policy.

After the vote Belka said that he will do anything to ensure that his government operates until spring next year.

(WBJ 25.vi.04)

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