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If Parliament Rejects Belka this Time Round, it’s a General Election for Sure

Marek Belka, as expected, was once again nominated as Prime Minister by President Aleksander Kwasniewski.

Belka's new cabinet is effectively the same as his previous one that failed to win a Parliamentary vote of confidence.

Belka only appointed one new minister, Marian Czekalski, a banker and member of PKN Orlen's supervisory board as Minister of Health.

The government once again must face a confidence vote in Sejm which now requires only a simple majority (50% of the votes) in order to rule.

The problem is that Belka so far has not secured even this level of support. However, he announced he is reopening negotiations with the Polish Peasant's Party and Polish Social Democracy (SDPL).

Should Belka lose this vote of confidence, President Kwasniewski is constitutionally obliged to hold a general election within 45 days.

(WBJ 14.vi.04)

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