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Peasants' Belka Replacement Plan Rejected as Early Elections Cause Commotion

President Aleksander Kwasniewski has no plans to find another candidate for prime minister.

The suggestion that the president should appoint another candidate was proposed by the Polish Peasants Party (PSL), but other parties were skeptical of the idea.

"We are not considering such a possibility, although the final decision is up to the president," said Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) leader Krzysztof Janik. The PSL's motion was also dismissed by Law and Justice (PiS) and the Polish Family League (LPR), who would be happy to see elections as early as August.

The Civic Platform, however, reacted by appealing to the president to delay any elections until the beginning of September.

The president, however, claimed that such was move as unconstitutional.

(WBJ 04.vi.04)

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