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An Agreement Has Been Reached on Division of Former Yugoslavia's Assets and Liabilities

Members of the board for dividing the former Yugoslavia's assets and liabilities have reached an agreement on how to share out the old federation's gold and the former central bank's hard currency deposits of $212m.

Under a resolution, signed in Croatia early this week, Serbia-Montenegro will get 38% of the former Yugoslav gold, Croatia 23%, Slovenia 16%, Bosnia-Herzegovina 15.5% and Macedonia 7.5%.

However, the five successor states have yet to address property claims among their companies.

Several Serbian firms, including oil retail chain Beopetrol and furniture maker Simpo, claim assets in Croatia and Slovenia, while Croatia's oil company Ina says it still owns a number of Beopetrol's fuel stations.

For its part, Bosnia-Herzegovina claims billions of dollars in assets throughout the former federation.

(NewsBase 7.vi.04)

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