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Adjar Leader Says He Will Not Resign

Abashidze on 29 April again called on Tbilisi to resume talks "in a calm and constructive atmosphere" on resolving the differences between them, Caucasus Press reported.

But in Tbilisi, parliament deputy Giga Bokeria said the only topic the Georgian leadership is prepared to discuss with Abashidze is the conditions under which he is prepared to resign, Caucasus Press reported.

Bokeria said that the Georgian authorities are prepared to guarantee the safety of Abashidze and his family if he steps down voluntarily. But ITAR-TASS quoted Abashidze saying in an interview with the Imedi television station that he will not resign before his term in office expires in 2006.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry denied on 29 April that it has advised foreigners to refrain from travelling to the Adjar capital, Batumi, ITAR-TASS reported.

(RFE/RL 30.iv.04)

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