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Belka Given Boost by Oleksy's Resignation

Józef Oleksy was recommended to become the Sejm Speaker by the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) on Friday.

The SLD's leader, Krzysztof Janik, believes this would help Marek Belka succeed in putting together a government that could win the support of the Sejm. Oleksy told journalists that he has given up on becoming prime minister and agreed to become the Speaker.

According to Oleksy, this enhances Belka's chances to more than 50%.

On Saturday, Oleksy resigned as leader of the Mazowsze SLD, announcing he is also willing to resign from being deputy chairman of the SLD. However, not all SLD deputies are happy with his moves.

"The truth is we need Józef Oleksy elsewhere. We would like to address him as Prime Minister," said Lech Kulesza. "Thank you for your wise speech," replied Oleksy.

(WBJ 19.iv.04)

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