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Spain Asks Bosnia to Investigate Possible Link in Madrid Bombings

Brane Pecanac, who heads Bosnia's branch office of Interpol, said in Sarajevo on 8 April that the Spanish authorities have requested information regarding Sanel Sjekirica, a Bosnian citizen who reportedly fled Spain following the 11 March Madrid bombing attacks, dpa reported.

Spain has issued an arrest warrant for Sjekirica as well as for two other people not from the former Yugoslavia believed to have left Spain following the attacks.

A police spokesman in Mostar said that Sjekirica was born in that city, is a Bosnian citizen, and has lived in Spain since 1993, having gone to that country to study.

Bosnian police have already launched an investigation regarding Sjekirica.

(RFE/RL 09.iv.04)

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