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European Commission says fears of immigrants from new EU members is unfounded

Citing a study based on a public-opinion survey conducted by Eurobarometer, the European Commission said on 26 February that fears among current EU member states of a massive influx of low-skilled labor from the 10 acceding states are unfounded, AFP reported.

The commission said it is more concerned about the impact of a possible "brain drain" from the new EU members. Acting Employment Commissioner Margot Wallstrom said that "the new members states will provide a much-needed input of highly skilled individuals, able to contribute actively to the development of the European economy.

"On the other hand", she said, "the study also shows that there is a serious risk of a 'youth and brain drain' in the acceding countries, with some 2%-3% of the 15-24 age group indicating a firm intention to move" into current EU member countries."

(RFE/RL 27.ii.04)

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