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MP Omelchenko Initiates Impeachment Procedure Against President Kuchma

MP Hryhorii Omelchenko will submit to the Rada his draft bill on the impeachment of president Kuchma, Omelchenko himself reported.

Omelchenko is heading a parliamentary commission on investigating the president’s involvement in the murder of the journalist Georgy Gongadze.

Based on the commission findings, Omelchenko proposes the appointment by the Rada of an ad hoc investigating committee and a special prosecutor to assess if the actions of president Kuchma related to the murder can be classified as a criminal offense.

Omelchenko called for Kuchma to resign if the investigating committee supported such a conclusion. The opposition has tried on several times since 2000 to start an impeachment procedure against Kuchma but they did not receive the support of the Rada.

(IntelliNews 01.ix.03)

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