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Will Samsung choose Poland or Czech Republic?

The Ministry of Economy, Labor and Social Policy presented Samsung with an introductory offer concerning the terms of investing in Poland.

"We have revealed general conditions of financing and operating in our country," Deputy Economy Minister Andrzej Szejna said. "However, there are no clear signs that Samsung has chosen us," he added.

According to earlier reports, Samsung is interested in constructing a household equipment plant in Central Europe, and is considering Poland and Czech Republic as possible destinations. It transpires from the Ministry that several locations in Special Economic Zones have been offered to Samsung, but no details have been revealed.

Szejna further stated that he expected that in July an agreement with Philips, which is planning to create its finance and accounting department in Lódz, would be concluded. The department would provide services for over a hundred Philips companies, operating in 20 European countries.

(WBJ 07.vii.03)

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