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Yushchenko remains most trusted politician – poll

According to the results of an opinion poll carried out by Democratic Initiatives Fund and the company Taylor Nelson Sofrez Ukraine, 26.3% of respondents trust leader of Our Ukraine bloc Viktor Yushchenko, while 32.7% do not trust him. Thus, Yushchenko has the highest (although still negative) rating, calculated as the difference between trust and distrust.

Oppositional leaders Petro Symonenko and Yuliya Tymoshenko have the 2nd and 3rd ratings of trust correspondently. At the same time, 9% of respondents trust President Leonid Kuchma, while 57.6% distrust him.

According to the resent opinion poll 22.6% of voters are ready to vote for Yushchenko as a president. Communist leader Petro Symonenko may receive 13.6% of votes, while the most popular candidate for the majority - PM Viktor Yanukovich - may receive 6.9% of votes.

 Trust, %Distrust, %Balance, %Don’t know politician, %
Tymoshenko   15.649.4-33.82.2

(IntelliNews 07.vii.03)

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