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Poles vote yes to EU accession in landslide voting

According to the preliminary data of the State Election Commission (PKW) based on 95% of the constituencies, 76.87% of those who attended the referendum voted in favour of EU accession, while turnout was 58.48% of all eligible voters. Hence, the referendum was valid, as it meets the requirement that at least 50% of voters participate.

Full figures will be known today in the evening. It appears that the referendum’s success was entirely due to the recent passage of legislation allowing first, a two-day referendum, and secondly, the publication of turnout data after the first day of the referendum. Indeed, voter turnout was just 17.6% after the first day, but rose markedly over the next day, fulfilling expectations that pro-EU voters would be mobilised if turnout was low at the first day.

(IntelliNews 09.vi.03)

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