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SDP stresses the need to develop the Croatian Islands

Representatives of the governing Social Democratic (SDP) group in parliament told journalists on Thursday that the government and the ruling coalition parties have continually stressed the need to develop the Croatian islands.

The comments came in the wake of claims from some associations and local authorities that have been issued to the media to the effect that the government has done nothing over the past three years to develop and revitalise the islands. According to the SDP group, the government's pro-Adriatic Sea orientation may be seen in the building of a highway that will connect Zagreb in the north and Split on the southern coast.

More than 1.7 billion kunas have been invested in islands between 1999 and 2001, including 576 million kunas to subsidise ferry services and build roads and 374 million kunas in municipal services, the group said, adding that more than 700 million kunas had been set aside in the 2003 state budget for the development of islands.

(NewsBase 03.ii.03)

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