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Economy Ministry still basing its plans around 3.5% growth in 2003

Economy Minister Jacek Piechota outlined the objectives of his Ministry for 2003. According to the Minister, "The most important tasks for this year are stimulating the economy, achieving 3.5% GDP growth, as assumed in the 2003 budget, and reducing the debts of the mining industry."

The recovery of the mining sector will be achieved through a newly created Kompania Wêglowa, which will take control over five coal companies in February, reduce their debts and eventually return them to profitability. "With regard to the steel industry, the most important issue is to find a strategic investor for PHS, which would make this concern competitive," stated Piechota.

Meanwhile, Adam Szejnfeld, the Chairman of Sejm's Economic Commission said that one of the priorities of the Commission is to lower the taxes, by introducing a flat rate tax.

(WBJ 03.i.03)

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