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Hungary agrees terms in Copenhagen

Hungary has reached agreement with the EU at the Copenhagen summit on all financial conditions for entry, Foreign Minister László Kovács announced Friday night. The FM said Hungary's position had been improved further through negotiations in Copenhagen. Hungary accepted the most recent version proposed by the Danish presidency, which has finalized the fact that in 2004, the year Hungary enters the EU, its financial balance will show a surplus of Euro 270 million against the EU, Euro 70 million more than the 2003 balance.

Agreement has also been reached on one of the toughest issues, direct farm supports to the new members. Under that agreement, Hungary will be authorized to pay 55% of EU direct farm supports in 2004, including supplements from its own national budget. In 2005, it will be able to pay 60% and in 2006 it has the authority to pay 65%, again partly from its own national budget. With approval of the Danish package, it became final that between 2004 and 2006, Hungary will receive a total of Euro 147 million to build the Schengen border control system, an amount that will cover over 70% of the costs.

(BBJ 16.xii.02)

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