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PZL Mielec signs offset deals as part of F-16 defense bid

Defense concerns Lockheed Martin and Northop Grumman, producers of the F-16 aircraft, have signed contracts to a potential value exceeding $200 million with PZL Mielec in direct offset deals as part of their bid to supply a multipurpose jet for the Polish military. The contracts will form an integral part of the companies’ offer to be presented to the government on November 12.

Lockheed will offer PZL Mielec modernization, through transfer of advanced technology, enabling the plant to secure contracts for production of civil aviation components. Additionally, components of the F-16’s fuselage are likely to be assembled in Mielec if the F-16 wins the bid. The Mielec plant will also receive assistance in obtaining an FAA certificate for the M-28 SkyTruck and its worldwide sale.

Yesterday, Economy Minister Jacek Piechota presented the so-called “offset wish-list” which outlines the government’s direct and indirect offset preferences.

(WBJ 08.xi.02)

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