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New round of Kosovo talks end without progress

The new round of talks on the future status of Kosovo in Serbia ended on Monday without any progress due to disagreement between Serbians and Kosovo Albanians. Serbian delegation proposes solving Kosovo status with Hong Kong model. 

Wolfgang Ischinger, the European Union’s special envoy for the talks acknowledged that it’s very difficult to find common points between Serbians and Kosovo Albanians. However, at the press conference after the talks he said that the Troika comprising the European Union, the United States and Russia will exert itself to find a possible settlement through negotiation until the Troika refers a report to Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon on Dec. 10. Alexander Bozan-Chartschenko, Russian special envoy for the talks said that the talks could hardly have a favorable turn due to the serious disagreement between two sides, and he believed only in principal that the talks had little chance to reach compromises. According to the local media, all parties involved will hold a new round talks in Brussels on Nov. 20. 

Serbian Premier Vojislav Kostunica said at the press conference after the talks that China found an effective model to solve the Hong Kong status, which could be reference to the solution of the future status of Kosovo. Skender Hyseni, spokesman of Kosovo Albanian delegation, rejected Serbian new proposal, saying that the Serbian proposal was unacceptable because of the complete difference of historical background. He stressed that the Kosovo Albanian strove for “permanent solution” to the future status of Kosovo, and the unique settlement was the independence of Kosovo. 

On the other hand, Serbian President Boris Tadic and Premier Kostunica reiterated Monday in Vienna that any unilateral action would be unacceptable and any solution plan for the future status of Kosovo must conform to the principal of United Nations’ 1244 resolution, which recognized Serbia’s sovereignty to Kosovo. Tadic emphasized that Serbia would exert itself to the last minute, and the chance for compromise still existed, adding that Dec. 10 was not the ultimate deadline for the negotiation, and Serbia would be willing to continue the talks after that.
Kosovo is an autonomy province of Serbia and has been under UN administration since the Kosovo war ended in June, 1999. Serbia insists on its sovereignty to Kosovo, while Kosovo Albanians threatened to end the negotiation from Dec. 10 and unilaterally announce independent.

(BBJ 06.xi.07)

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