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International Software Corp to be set up in Hungary

Charles Simonyi, once a leading software developer at Microsoft, announced that he intends to establish a new company with the help of experts from Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest as well as developers at Netvisor Ltd. Simonyi recently announced that he is to launch a software development enterprise in association with Xerox specialists, called the International Software Corp. (ISC).

The new company is to build on intentional programming, an up-and-coming market segment. The segment focuses on software development tools that bring the ideas of users and programmers closer together, thereby simplifying the tasks of programming and making it more efficient. Intention oriented software can be used in designing web pages, user surfaces of mobile phones and printers as well as in the auto and aircraft electronics industry. ISC plans to introduce its first finished product on the market in 2 years time.

(NewsBase 25.x.02)

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