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Germany seeks Polish cooperation for gas pipeline

Today Jarosław Kaczyński will be paying visit to Berlin and meeting with chancellor Angela Merkel, who would like to establish whether Poland is ready to agree on the construction of an offshoot of the northern gas pipeline from Greisfald to Poland.

The pipeline terminal will be built in Greisfald, if Poland agrees, Germany will aid in its entry into the consortium that is building the pipeline. The question is, however, how this offer will be accepted by Poland. During Friday's press conference, the ministry of foreign affairs Anna Fortyga said that Poland still holds a negative attitude towards the pipeline's construction and has no intention to take part in this undertaking.

According to Fortyga, the project is conflicts with one of the basic rules of the EU, that there is solidarity between its members. Germany is also awaiting Poland's cooperation to regulate arguments over historical records, particularly the project commemorating exile and compulsory relocation. Germany stressed that its high time to end this conflict.

(WBJ 30.x.06)

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