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The price of a new coalition with Lepper and LPR

Negotiations between political parties to create a new coalition should end later today.

All the signs are that the sides will reach an agreement as according to CBOS opinion polls, a general election would be won by the Civic Platform (PO) with 38% of the votes. Self-Defense is demanding that deputies from National Peasants Movement (RLN) would not be in the coalition because they as many of them are renege Self-Defense deputies.

The leader of the League of Polish Families (LPR) Roman Giertych, also has no love for the RLN as some of them defected from the LPR. However, Law and Justice (PiS) has a different opinion and PiS does not want Andrzej Lepper to become a deputy prime minister again. The RNL submitted a motion to annul the promissory notes (veksels) they signed when they were Self-Defense deputies. If the veksels are annulled, Lepper could face an avalanche of his deputies crossing the floor to join another party, such as the RNL.

Another key question concerns the fate of Renata Beger, as PiS does not what to have anything to do with her as she played a central role concerning the recording of secret talks with PiS.

(WBJ 16.x.06)

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