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Self-Defense declares it is ready to re-enter a coalition

Self-Defense held a press conference on Friday with the League of Polish families (LPR) and both parties declared that they want the return of the coalition with Law and Justice (PiS).

While Marek Kuchciński, the leader of PiS Parliamentary club declared on Friday morning, prior to the press conference that the coalition with Self-Defense is as likely as flying together to the moon, PiS deputies changed the tone of their utterances after the press conference.

Tomasz Markowski (PiS) said that an easy return to the old coalition is not possible, but if there is such an offer it requires consideration. Those declarations irritated the Polish Peasant Party (PSL), which is also in talks with PiS about forming a coalition. PSL leader Waldemar Pawlak, announced that his party excludes any possibility of ruling together with Self-Defense.

(WBJ 09.x.06)

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