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Khristenko's Son to Oversee Czech Pipe Firm

Vladimir Khristenko, son of Industry and Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko, has been named chairman of the supervisory board of Czech industrial valve manufacturer MSA, Kommersant reported Saturday.

The metals group Chelyabinsk Tube-Rolling Plant, or ChTPZ, announced Friday that Khristenko had been appointed head of the supervisory board of MSA, its first foreign asset.

The Chelyabinsk-based company also revealed that the 25-year-old Khristenko headed up the analytical department of MeTriS, its metals trading arm, following his graduation from the Higher School of Economics in 2003.

In this capacity, Khristenko spearheaded the metals group's hunt for foreign assets. Arkley Capital, which manages ChTPZ's assets, acquired 100 percent of the stock in MSA.

But market analysts said both the appointment and the timing of the announcement may have been driven by factors beyond the younger Khristenko's participation in the search for foreign assets.

News of Vladimir Khristenko's affiliation with ChTPZ is likely to boost investor interest in the upcoming, hotly anticipated IPO of the group's Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant, which is the country's No. 1 zinc producer, DMB Capital's Timothy McCutcheon told Kommersant.

(The Moscow Times 04.ix.06)

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