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Polish exodus causing job crisis at home

At the end of June there were over 57,000 job offers in the voivode labor offices.

"New investors have large problems with finding staff. There are great deficiencies in some sectors," said Marek Kuzniewicz, director of the Poviat Labor Office in Gliwice.

There is a paucity of IT specialists in Silesia, but even higher demand for welders and truck drivers. For instance, the transport company Logistic, from Andrychów, which operates 200 trucks, is willing to take on 30 new drivers straight away.

"It is really difficult to find new drivers, while there is no possibility of developing without them," said Monika Kaminska-Nawrot, president of Logistic. The company raised wages, but it cannot afford to compete with Western countries in terms of wages, though it guarantees stable, long-term employment.

"Many workers were swept away to Great Britain and Ireland. We hardly have enough people to carry out current orders," said Stanislaw Bisztyga, director of Chemobudowa.

(WBJ 10.viii.06)

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