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Military Intelligence files continue to haunt politicians

Defense Minister Radek Sikroski on Friday called a press conference to reveal the file that the now disbanded Military Intelligence (WSI) held on him.

According to the documents, WSI spied on Sikorski in 1992-93 in an attempt to find evidence that he was a British agent. Janusz Onyszkiewicz who was the Defense Minister at the time denies that he knew anything about the incident, as does Lech Wałęsa, who was the president at that time.

The present Minister Co-ordinator of Secret Services, Zbigniew Waserman, called for making public the remaining WSI files in order to weed out any more sensations of this kind and to prevent anybody from being manipulated by the files for political purposes. The Sejm Secret Services Committee is going to deal with the case of Sikorski's illegal invigilation.

(WBJ 03.vii.06)

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