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PZU CEO faces more harsh accusations

During the last session of the trial against Drob-kartel an enterprise which had business ties with Management Finance Company (MFC), a concern suspected of money laundering, it was revealed that MFC paid over zl.200,000 by cheques to the current PZU president Jaromir Netzel and zl.380,000 in cash as a deposit.

Netzel was to be questioned as a witness but refused to testify on grounds of legal confidentiality. Netzel was legal counsel to MFC and in 1999 received zl.380,000 from MFC as a deposit of which he has so far returned only zl.50,000. Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz has requested the Internal Security Agency (ABW) to look for information on Netzel, as he presently is still the president of the nation's largest insurer PZU.

(WBJ 26.vi.06)

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