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Did PZU financially aid PO's election campaign?

Jaroslaw Kurski, a controversial Law and Justice (PiS) politician, has accused PZU of illegally financing the Civic Platform's (PO) election campaigns last year.

He said the relevant documents might be being destroyed, therefore the prosecutor launched an immediate investigation, as a result PZU's headquarters were raided and searched to secure possible evidence.

According to Kurski, PZU launched a campaign "Stop crazy drivers" which it suspended after a protest of the Association of Polish Psychiatrists (SPP). But billboards had already been paid for. They then were allegedly resold to two advertising agencies claimed to have been working for PO for 3.3% of the original price.

SPP, the two agencies in question and PO all deny the revelations of the politician well known for ill-willed accusations. According to the accused parties, neither was the campaign stopped, nor did the agencies buy billboards. PO has already announced it will sue Kurski.

(WBJ 19.vi.06)

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