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Corruption has become 'highly organised'

Corruption continues to be a big problem for the Czech Republic even after four years of Social Democratic rule, according to a report Interior Minister Stanislav Gross was to present to the government on 17 April, the daily "Mlada fronta Dnes" wrote on 16 April.

The document titled, "Report on corruption in the Czech Republic for the year 2001," claims that the number of bribes is not decreasing, and not only civil servants but even representatives of political parties are engaging in corruption.

According to the daily, the report says that qualitatively the situation has grown worse. The paper says that the police have a more difficult task in proving corruption. The report also says that this is because corruption is spilling over into the state administration.

The report says that corruption has become "highly organized" in recent years and that "representatives of political parties" are engaging in corruption by deciding on public-works contracts from their elected posts.

"Mlada fronta Dnes" says that the report deals with the possibility of using agent provocateurs in fighting corruption. The report does not say, however, whether the Social Democrats will attempt to implement the use of agents. The possibility of using directed provocation -- sting operations -- in the fight against corruption was discussed recently by Supreme State Attorney Marie Benesova.

(RFE/RL 26.iv.02)

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