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National Investment Fund Jupiter to close, though president says never say never

According to plans, in the first quarter of next year, shareholders in the national investment fund NFI Jupiter, are to make a decision concerning the winding up of the company.

"In such cases there is never a 100% certainty. For sure until this time all the shareholders will have the possibility of leaving the company," said Jupiter's president, Janusz Koczyk. Currently, the fund has around zł.30 million in cash reserves, while the market value of the enterprise exceeds zł.80 million. However, no decisions have been made yet concerning the division of these assets.

At the end of last year, Jupiter signed a contract for the sale of shares in ProFuturo and dataCom, which are to be acquired by Dutch Linux Telecommunications for zł.32 million. Jupiter is also planning a rapid sale of the remaining shares it holds in Ceramika Nowa Gala, Energopol and Muza. Although the president of the company confirmed that the fund will be wound up, he went on to add that in business you should never say never.

(WBJ 27.ii.06)

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