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Early elections look likely as SelfDefence set year end as coalition deadline

Andrzej Lepper, the leader of SelfDefence announced on Friday that either Law and Justice (PiS) will go into coalition with his party by the end of this year or SelfDefence will go into opposition."

And this will be the end; without us the government will not survive," said Lepper. Adam Bielan from PiS replied that currently there is no way to form a coalition, and that earlier elections are likely if the budget bill is not be passed. For most of the parties this would be bad news, as besides the Civic Platofrm (PO) and PiS all others are losing support according to polls. On Saturday, Lepper calmed the situation down and said that his party will for the time being continue to support PiS despite the fact that not all of SelfDefence's postulates are being considered. "We are also afraid of early parliamentary elections, but to the least extent compared to all other parties. This is our strength," said a PiS deputy.

(WBJ 05.xii.05)

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