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Poland set to lose EUR6 billion in EU structural funds after UK proposal

The United Kingdom is preparing a proposal for EU budget cuts in which Poland might lose out on as much as EUR6 billion of structural funds between 2007 and 2013.

The draft will be presented at the beginning of December, two weeks before the EU summit, which is to decide on the financial future of the European Union. According to current assumptions, Poland was to receive EUR60 billion between 2007-2013 for the development of the poorest regions. "For Poland such a proposition is unacceptable. The British want to turn attention away from the greatest problem, which is London's rebat in its payments to the EU budget," said Pawel Swieboda from the Foreign Ministry. Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz will have a chance to discuss this issue with Tony Blair on December 2, when they will meet in Budapest. Poland is also trying to convince all new EU member states who will all be effected by the 10% budget cuts to write a joint letter.

(WBJ 28.xi.05)

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