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Exit polls point to surprising victory for Lech Kaczyński

According to exit polls taken throughout the day, Lech Kaczyński won 53.5% of the vote and thus has most probably become the new President of Poland.

Donald Tusk received 46.5% of votes in an election where turnout stood at a mere 50.62%. It was also revealed that the election divided Poland, where the western part of the country supported Tusk, while in the east voters supported Kaczyński. Polls show that Donald Tusk won the race in larger cities, among those with higher education, and those aged between 18-39. However, 7% of those who voted for Tusk in the first round of elections turned to his competitor during the second round. On the other hand, only 1% of Kaczyński's voters changed their minds. 74% of Marek Borowski's supporters voted for for Tusk, while 82% of Andrzej Lepper's supporters and 76% of Jarosław Kalinowski's supporters turned to Lecz Kaczyński.

(WBJ 24.x.05)

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