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Election News in Brief: PO's dirty trick; LPR runaways; Self Defense and China

On Saturday it was revealed that the person connecting Anna Jarucka, which dishonestly charged presidential candidate Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz of misrepresent his financial declaration and member of Sejm investigation committee member Konstatny Miodowicz of the Civic Platform (PO) is Wojciech Brochowicz, a lawyer also connected with the PO.

"It all seems like the provocation was started by the people from the PO and it works for the benefit of Donald Tusk, PO's presidential candidate, as he managed to temporarily undermine Cimoszewicz's social trust," said Tomasz Nalecz. (Gazeta Wyborcza, p. 8) ... Some 29 members of the Polish Families League (LPR) in Szczecin, which is one fourth of the party's local force have abandoned the party. The runaways claim that the party favors the youth which is known for its aggressive protests. (Gazeta Wyborcza, p. 9) ... "The program prepared by Andrzej Lepper is similar to that of our communistic program," announced yesterday Wang Xiao, the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Chinese Youth League in Szczecin yesterday, who arrived in Poland on the invitation of the youth of Self Defense.

(WBJ 05.ix.05)

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