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LOT announces it will buy new long and short-haul fleet in letter to Airbus

Although Polish Airlines LOT still has not decided on the supplier of its new long-distance fleet, it is already drafting plans to replace its European short haul fleet.

"A team of LOT and Centralwings employees has been created. It will evaluate the whole group's need for planes," informed LOT's spokesman Leszek Chorzewski. The carrier has not revealed any details about the new fleet, but it is known that it informed one of the potential suppliers about the project.

"LOT told Airbus that it formally launched a project of evaluating changing its short haul fleet with 130 seat capacity. This covers the needs of LOT and its subsidiary, Centralwings," said a Puls Biznesu source. However, some members of LOT supervisory board, believe it is more important to replace the long-distance fleet as the leasing contracts are coming to an end and their further use would require excessive outlays.

(WBJ 12.viii.05)

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