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Gudzowaty rejects Russia "demands" towards EuRoPol

Russian Gazprom recently announced its plans of increasing its stake in EuRoPol Gaz from 48% to 50%. The company is the Polish operator of the Yamal pipeline.

Aleksander Gudzowaty, owner of Bartimpex which is an indirect shareholder in the company, is surprised with the demand. He is not planning to attack any of the existing shareholders, but he is looking for a compromise, which would most likely envisage maintaining the current state of affairs. "Gazprom is good supplier of gas to Poland, which does not mean that Poland should not look for alternative sources of natural gas," said Gudzowaty.

He cannot agree with the demands of Gazprom that EuRoPol Gas should operate according to a non-profit rule, which were presented by Aleksander Miedwiediew, deputy president of Gazprom. And there are many more problems relating to the issue of EuRoPol Gas, like the fact that the company should no longer be under the influence of Polish Oil and Gas (PGNiG), bearing in mind PGNiG will soon be privatized.

(WBJ 08.viii.05)

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