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Technical Services

Our technical services team has vast experience in the IT sector. This not only includes software development, but also expands to large-scale networks administration and Internet service providing. We are able to aid our clients in the decision making process, to perform an independent security audit of the software developed by a third party, and to track down any existing problems.

Our Custom Software Development Services

Sometimes there is no ready-to-use software available on the market, or the cost of adapting existing software is prohibitive as it is too high.

In these cases our technical services team is able to solve the problem by developing a software solution to specifically match our clients’ business model requirements. We have experience in various sectors and industries which include the following:

  • Financial Information and Monitoring;
  • Insurance;
  • Corporate Management;
  • Project Management;
  • Information Portals.

Our technical services specialists are able to perform the whole cycle of development from analysing the business model to the supporting of the developed system.

Our Refactoring of Legacy Software Services

Many companies already have some sort of IT solution that helps them to increase and maintain the efficiency of their business process. However as their business grows, their business processes can change resulting in the existing solution becoming obsolete.

In these cases our technical services team is able to assess the state of the software, match it to the existing business model, and depending on the result, either add the missing functionality, or re-implement the software using up-to-date technologies retaining compatibility.

For more information on our Technical Services please contact us.