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Strategic Business Intelligence

Strategic business intelligence is vital for organisations to gain an advantage in their sector or in a new market.

Understanding the political and commercial landscape, combined with a thorough knowledge of the strategy and intentions of their competitors gives organisations a decisive business advantage.

Organisations need to know:

  • How is their industry viewed in a particular country?
  • Who are the industry's major commercial and political players?
  • Who are their main rivals and competitors?
  • What are the backgrounds and reputations of their competition?
  • What are the strategies, and the strengths and weaknesses of their rivals?
  • Who are their rivals' suppliers and business partners?

Our Strategic Business Intelligence Services

Our strategic business intelligence services provide our clients with the information and intelligence they require. Various levels of strategic business intelligence are available, and they include:

  • Providing detailed analysis of an industry sector in the country of interest, and its local business practices;
  • Providing detailed assessments of any concerns involving local government influences, corruption, crime, and regional security;
  • Identifying and filling gaps in our clients' existing intelligence.
  • Identifying rivals, understanding their operations, their strategies, their commercial and governmental allies, their suppliers, and assessing their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Identifying the strengths, weaknesses and connections of potential business partners.
  • Identifying and developing influential commercial and political contacts and allies for our clients.

Qualities and Clients

We are professional, thorough, and discreet, and provide our clients with the strategic intelligence product which best suits their requirements and their budget.

We believe that our strategic business intelligence services are especially well-suited for international financial institutions, multinational corporations, law firms, private equity firms, hedge funds and SMEs.