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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics has become increasingly important for all types of organisations as fraud, commercial disputes, financial irregularities and employee misconduct create serious regulatory risks. It is recognised as a vital area for risk consultancies.

Specialist Knowledge and Techniques

Every electronic device with permanent storage can become evidence. However processing such evidence takes specialist knowledge and techniques which are not normally available in-house.

Our computer forensics team is able to process evidence on computer systems, and any devices that contain a processor and memory, in order to determine when and how they were used.

While carrying out such investigations our computer forensic specialists take every effort to uncover and analyse every single piece of information, including those which are not apparently visible, have been altered, damaged or deleted.

Our Computer Forensics Services

Our computer forensics services coverage includes:

  • Breaking passwords;
  • Analysis of hidden and deleted files;
  • Discovery of Internet searches;
  • Evidence of copying of data;
  • Email investigations;
  • Analysis of documents and files;
  • Analysis of mobile phones.

Results of the computer forensics investigations are presented in a report that can be either used in an organisation's internal investigation, or presented as evidence in court.

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